Who or what is Origami Owl

That is the question I personally asked myself when I first came across this great company!! Origami Owl is a very special direct sales custom jewelry company that was originally founded by a 14 year old girl. What started out as a way to help a teen that had a dream to buy her very own car for her 16th birthday became something much bigger!!! Like many parents would say they suggested for Bella to save her money. She decided to go beyond saving money, she began to sell customize jewelry to family and friends.

In 2011 Origami Owl became a direct sales company and opened the door to many possibilities for success!!! What make Origami Owl unique, you can personally create beautiful living lockets that not only look gorgeous but also tell your personal story. We have a large selection of stylish chains, different sizes and colors of our famous living lockets!! You can then add your choice of over 200 of our signature charms!!! Origami Owl has an inspirational tag line that allows you to be bold and inspire others. To add that special touch to your living locket, just add our dangles this is just another way to tell your story!!

We are a fun company and love to share our story with others by having our fabulous Jewelry Bars. A Jewelry Bar allows the hostess to share her Origami Owl story to her friends and family!! For being a fabulous hostess you can receive some great rewards that will put a smile on your face!!!

Once you have experienced the greatness of Origami Owl, I would love to share our great business opportunity. Origami Owl also allows mother and daughter teams for teens 14 years of age or older. What better way to bond with your daughter and create stories together!! Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire, motivate women of all ages to reach their dreams and empower to make a difference in the lives of other. I want to inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams and as your personal independent Origami Owl designer I will do just that!!! Take a look around and start creating your story with Origami Owl living lockets and charms!!!

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